100WC Week #21

We have been walking on this path for twenty seven years. We met in elementary school and became very close. We started a tradition in middle school that we would walk the same path and talk about what is going on in our life so we stayed close. She has always been my best friend even though we have grown a part through some of it, but our time together is always the best experiences. We both are always grateful to see each other, and it is like we are back in elementary school walking this path.


We are currently down two points, are we going to be able to pull it off? Then out of no where my team mate comes up from behind their opponent and steals the ball from their opponent and goes in for the layup and makes it! Next the other team is bringing the ball down the court. Then I find myself with the ball and I shoot the winning shoot. “I made it! I can’t believe it!” I shouted. “And the winning team is The Red Giants!” Next thing I know the team is picking me up and cheering.


Ryan can’t believe of what a great start he has had to 2022. Ryan can’t believe he is finally back in sports and able to hangout with friends. In 2021 the pandemic took a turn for the worst such as shutting down schools and mandating masks. He couldn’t hang out with friends or go to school all due to the pandemic. Ryan had to do online school during the pandemic. He thought to himself  “its not like last year.” Ryan is very thankful he gets to attend school, hangout with friends and participate in sports.

My goals for 2022!

I can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring. Down below is an image of my goals for 2022. I have five main goals to accomplish in 2022. One of my five goals are winning basketball games. My next goal is to win volleyball games. My third goal is have straight A’s throughout the whole year. My fourth goal is to go skydiving. My final goal is learning and growing as a person!  I hope to achieve these goals in the next year!

100 Word Challenge

If I was able to grant one wish I would wish for everyone to be kind to one another. I would grant this wish because people aren’t always kind to one another, which can cause people to look down on themselves and feel frustrated. I believe kindness has the potential to make the world a happier place. An act of kindness can increase confidence and just make people genuinely happy. I believe our world could be a much happier place if each one one of us completed the simple task of being kind.

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How To Help Our Environment

 I believe the best way to travel for our environment is on a subway, bus, walking or riding a bike. If you want to protect our environment you should travel on a subway or bus because more people travel in one vehicle which means less pollution. I believe you can also protect the environment by walking or riding a bike because you aren’t harming the environment by polluting the air. Pollution is a big concern for our environment and I believe we people should do everything we can to protect our environment.

All About my School

Hi, I currently go to McDowell Middle School in Circleville, Ohio. McDowell Middle School is a part of the Logan Elm School district and it serves seven through eighth grade students. In the Logan Elm School district there are three elementaries including Washington, Pickaway and Laurelville. In Logan Elm district you attend one of the elementaries then you attend Salt Creek Intermediate School, which serves fifth through sixth grade. After you go to Salt Creek Intermediate School you then go to McDowell Middle School. Then after you go to McDowell for two years you will attend Logan Elm high school for four years.


 There are currently two hundred and eighty kids that go to school at McDowell. At McDowell the school day begins at 7:55 AM and ends at 2:33 PM. At McDowell I have seven class periods including English, math, social studies, science, guided study, technology and AE. AE is time where we students can get our work completed. Students that participate in sports stay after school for practices or games. Do you and your peers stay after school for sports?


 Logan Elm is currently building a new school. The campus will serve kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is a unique experience for us students because we are able to see progress everyday on our new campus. I am very excited for our new building! Below is an image I took of our blueprint of our new school.

100 Word Challenge

This image makes me feel unhappy. As you can see this image is causing pollution. Pollution is a big concern because there are many negative effects on our environment, animals and people due to pollution. Pollution can damage crops and trees by having a negative impact on plant growth. Pollution causes negative effects on humans as well. Pollution causes long term damage to peoples nerves, brain, kidneys, liver and other organs. It is proven that a lot of animals are harmed by pollution. This image makes me feel upset and unhappy with our environment.

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Week #9 Challenge

 In late 2019 a virus called corona virus was detected in Wuhan, China. This global pandemic caused people to be afraid. The government industry was urgent to find a way to keep people safe. The government decided to mandate masks in order to keep the people safe. During this pandemic some families had to evacuate their homes. It is currently the year 2021. The United States today offers red, purple, blue, yellow, white and many more types of masks for those who don’t feel safe being around others. Today we as people try to stay safe and healthy.